7″ Aluminum Round Container with Paperboard Lid

SKU: 31040021

This 7-inch round container is disposable, is made of aluminum, comes with a lid, and can be used to hold and carry food. Aluminum foil containers hold in heat, can serve as a moisture and oxygen barrier for freshness, and can be recycled. The lid is made of cardboard for sturdiness and laminated with aluminum foil, which helps hold in heat and can be recycled. The container’s hemmed rim provides rigidity and can be folded over the edge of the lid to secure it. The top of the container measures 7-1/8″ in diameter on the outside and 6-9/16″ on the inside. The bottom measures 5-9/16″ in outside diameter. The container has a vertical depth of 1-15/32″ and a capacity of 24 oz.

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Weight 11.2 lbs