16 Oz GreenStripe® Hot Cup

SKU: C6670017

The Earth is amazing, and as far as we know, we only get one planet. So let’s celebrate with a cup that’s as special as Earth itself. The GreenStripe® Hot Cup pays tribute the planet. It’s BPI certified compostable and returns to the Earth as perfectly as it holds drinks. Best of all, when the morning rush is over, its work has really just begun – with every Eco-Product, comes a whole force for good. We have your trash on our mind, and will do everything we can to ensure these cups and all our other compostable disposables return to the soil as effortlessly as they serve your patrons. Don’t have a commercial composter in your community yet? You can still feel good knowing these products are made from 100% renewable resources. So raise a cup to this cup’s environmental attributes.

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